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Letter from W.H. Ashley to Mrs. Wm. Adwell published in the Renville Star Farmer July 18, 1918

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Mrs. Wm. Adwell received a letter from W.H. Ashley who was in the same company of Marines with Palmer Adwell and was only a short distance from him when he fell in battle. We are pleased to have the privilege of publishing it since it give the particulars of this brave boy’s death:

June 20, 1918

My Dear Mrs. Adwell:

I am sorry to have to write you that Palmer was killed a few days ago in action. I was near him at the time and his last wish was that I would write to you. He didn’t suffer a bit and died like a man. He knew he was dying so I sat and talked with him for a few minutes.
He said to tell you not to feel too bad as he was fighting for a good cause and the more he saw of the Germans the more he was ready to fight and even to die for America. He said that he wished that he could have seen you again if it was only for a few minutes.
I am sending you a card of the place near which he was buried.
Palmer was one of the most popular boys in our company and they all miss him. He and I were almost like brothers, and I can hardly believe it to be true.
Offering you my greatest sympathy.

Yours very sincerely,
William H. Ashley
79 Co. 6th Regt. Marines