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Letter From Ed C Lammers, Fairfax Standard, 9-12-1918

August 27, 1918 Dear Uncle; Well we are ready for a trip across. We started from Camp Grant Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and arrived at Camp Mills, Long Island, Monday at 9:00 p.m. but lost quite a lot… Read More

Letter From Jesse Radohl, Hector Mirror, 10-17-1918: Letter From Another Hector Soldier Boy

Arcadia, Florida, Sept. 18, 1918 to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hable. My dear friends, I received your welcome letter the 16th and was glad to hear from you. Also hope this finds you in the best of health…. Read More

Letter from Harley McLaren, Hector Mirror, 10-31-1918

Somewhere in France, Sept. 28, 1918 Dear Mrs. Albert: After arriving in this new section I will write just a short letter and tell you that our move took ten nights on the road with the animals and… Read More

Letter from George Prelvitz, Hector Mirror, 10-3-1918

Somewhere in France, Sept 6, 1918 My dear folks at home, Hello everybody. I am ashamed of myself for not writing sooner. But when I tell you that we have been very busy chasing the Germans lately you… Read More

Letter From George Groen, Renville Star Farmer, 10-24-1918

Somewhere in France Dear Folks: How are all of you folks getting along. Hope you are all well I am feeling fine this morning, and it is fine weather again. Today I guess the rainy season had commenced… Read More

Letter from Dick Bakker, Renville Star Farmer, 10-10-1918

Somewhere in France, Sept 8 Dear folks at home: How is everybody over there? O.K. here. We don’t have to drill today, so we have a little rest. Drilling is very hard after such a long lay-off, but… Read More

Letter from Arthur John Huderle, Hector Mirror, 10-3-1918

Chickamauga Park, Ga., Sept 28, 1918, Dear Mr. Allen, Have been here a little over a week and am getting on to the ropes fairly good shape. We receive nothing but military drill and tactics. The older men… Read More

Letter form Ingveald Haggestad, Fairfax Standard, 10-10-1918

U.S.S. Kimberly, Sept. 7, 1918 Dear Mother; Well I suppose it is about time that I write you a line to let you know that I am alive and that I am having a good time. I am… Read More

Great Help To Soldiers, Renville Star Farmer, 10-24-1918

More Money Must be Raised to Promote the Work of The Y.M.C.A. The simple fact is that the American people must raise $170,500,000 for the work of the allied organizations that are at work ‘over there” and “over… Read More