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Two Soldiers Die in Camp, Olivia Times, 10-17-1918

Frank C. Spevacek and Wm. Tolzman Succomb to Influenza While in Service: Left Olivia as Companions, Remains Shipped to Olivia and Danube For Burial in Home Cemetery The remains of two soldier boys, Frank C. Spevacek and Wm…. Read More

Otto Semerud, Soldier’s Funeral Held Saturday, Fairfax Standard, 10-17-1918

Large Attendance of People To Pay Last Respects To Soldier Boy The first time this community has been called upon to pay honor to the dead in those who are either defending or preparing to defend our country… Read More

Two More Renville Boys Give Up Their Lives In The Nation’s Service, Renville Star Farmer, 10-10-1918

Howard McBroom Passed Away at Camp Hancock, Ga. of pneumonia.  Dirk Tipkema Died at Ft. Sheridan of Spanish Influenza It has seldom fallen to our lot to chronicle two deaths from natural causes in the same family at… Read More

Olivia Boy Dies For His Country, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

William Erickson Killed in Battle While Fighting in Defense of Old Glory: Remain Buried in France; Left Olivia Last April and a Few Months Later Was Sent to France Somewhere beneath the blue skies of France in a… Read More

Letter from Reuben Fairfax Standard October 10, 1918

Camp Humphrey, Va., Sept. 22, 1918Dear Folks,I have plenty of time this evening to write a few letters. there have been so many sick in ur company and other companies that it makes double the work for the… Read More

SEVERELY WOUNDED IN ACTION IN FRANCE Fairfax Standard October 10, 1918

Mrs. Benjamin Bruggeman Receives Telegram Telling that Her Son William is Wounded The sad news reached Fairfax last Saturday stating that one of the boys of which every citizen is justly proud, William H. Bruggeman, had fallen a… Read More

Raymond Jones Writes from Somewhere in France Morton Enterprise October 4 1918

August 18, 1918Dear Sister,How are you all today? I am fine and dandy and hope you are all the same. Well, today is Sunday and it is just a year since I left Olivia so thought I would… Read More

Letter from Raymond Keefe Morton Enterprise October 4, 1918

2nd Aviation Instruction Centre Tours France Aug. 23, 1918 Dear Folks,We have been in this camp over nine months and last week was the first time the fellows here got away. Was disappointed in not being able to… Read More

Letter from Joseph W Koterba, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

England, Sept. 12, 1918 Dear Father and Mother; Will write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope you are all the same. I received thirteen letters yesterday, I sure was glad… Read More

Emmett O’Neil Writes from ‘Somewhere in France’ Morton Enterprise September 27, 1918

Somewhere in France, Aug. 15, 1918Dear Sister,–Received your first letter, which you wrote about June 10 the other day also the papers which were in good shape.I suppose you will want to keep this letter as a souvenir… Read More