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James R Delany Writes published by the Franklin Tribune 9/5/1918

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James R. Delaney Writes:

Fremont, California
August 7, 1918

Local Red Cross, Franklin, Minn..

Dear Ladies,
     I have just received the komfy kit you gave mother for me, and I wish to thank you very much for it. It sure comes in very handy; you ladies are doing some wonderful work.
     Have been in California since last November and think it a wonderful state. Spent the weekend at Brook Dale, a summer resort in the mountains with some other boys. Saw some of the hug Pine trees; the climate is great, also took a salt water dip at the beach.
     I like the army life time, there is a might fine bunch of boys in our company. We have a nice Y.M.C.A. and Knights of Columbus building here, where one can see a movie any evening.
     We are getting in nine thousand recruits here and am helping fill out the vaccination and small pox cards and can assure you it’s some job.
     Again thanking you for your remberence and assuring you I will kill a couple of extra Huns for this, I remain as ever yours very truly;
James R. Delaney, Camp Fremont, Cal., Ambulance Co. No. 11.