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Will Prepare War History for the State Published in the Fairfax Standard 9/5/1918

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Will Prepare War History for the State: Plans Made to Preserve the Record in Which the Smallest Community Will Be Represented
     The very important task of preserving the war history of the state has been taken up by the Public Safety Commission and a “War Record Commission” to co-operate with and through the State Historical Society will be appointed, all members to serve on a voluntary basis. A membership of eight or ten members is considered.
     The details of the proposed work have been carefully worked out by C.W. Henke, Publicity Director of the Commissions, and F.F. Holbrook, Field Agent of the Minnesota State Historical Society.
     The Commission has appropriated $1,000 to defray incidental expenses of the compiling of the history and will urge its entire organization to assist in the work. Representatives of the “War Record Committee” will be appointed in every county and precinct. All state departments and patriotic organizations will be asked to assist in the work.
     This work is directly in line with Governor Burnquist’s suggestion, which calls for a record of military activities of Minnesota’s soldiers and sailors and his plan to extend sympathy of the wounded ones and comfort to relatives of such who are called upon to make the supreme sacrifice for the cause of liberty.
     The history and collection of war relics to be gathered by the War Record Commission will be of immense value and interest to future generations. It is a practical and most necessary adjunct of the work of the Safety Commission and something that will be a monument to its industry, efficiency and far-seeing patriotism.
Editors Note: Published 1920 by the Olivia Times the book “Renville County in World War I: 1917, 1918, 1920”. The Renville County Historical Society is partnering with the Renville Genealogical Society in recreating this book to include as many of the World War I veterans we can locate in Renville County along with their obituaries, their families and their military records. Keep an eye on the website for updated information on this project! If you have a Renville County connection to World War I please contact Nicole at the Museum 507-697-6147 or email [email protected] so we can complete the book!