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Letter from Reuben Fairfax Standard October 10, 1918

Camp Humphrey, Va., Sept. 22, 1918Dear Folks,I have plenty of time this evening to write a few letters. there have been so many sick in ur company and other companies that it makes double the work for the… Read More

Letter from Thomas Krell, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

Camp Eustis, Va., September 27, 1918 My Dearest Mother: I received your welcome letter yesterday and suppose it will be the last letter I will received from you in U.S.A. As we are leaving for France we all… Read More

Letter From Allen Wenz, Hector Mirror, 19 Sep 1918: Allen Wenz Says Uncle Sam Feeds the Boys Well, Praises Red Cross

Camp Grant, Ill., Sept. 8, 1918 My dear father, Will take pleasure in answering your letter this morning, Sunday, as I am feeling somewhat better now from vaccination shot. My arm is somewhat swollen yet and it burns… Read More

Letter from Ed Kubesh, Olivia Times, 10-24-1918

Camp Taylor, Ky., October 12, 1918, Olivia, Minn. Mr. J. R. Landy, Dear Friend: As I am officer of the day with little to do makes me think of Olivia. Often think of that good town in the… Read More

Letter From Albert W Martinson, Renville County Journal, 10-25-1918

Cambridge, Mass.,   Sept. 15, 1918 Dear Friend: Got your letter today but suppose it has been lying around for a couple of days. Just got out of the Chelsea Hospital for Spanish Influenza. This whole establishment of… Read More

Influenza Abating, Fairfax Standard, 10-24-1918

After a siege of ten days or two weeks, Spanish Influenza in Fairfax seems to be on the wane. By this it should not be taken that all danger contracting the disease is over, for there are still… Read More

Hector Guards Against Epidemic, Hector Mirror, 10-17-1918

No School, Church or Public Meetings Allowed This Week or Sunday The Village Council held a special meeting Tuesday and appointed Doctors D’Arms, Kohler and McKim as a Health Board to have charge of the public health of… Read More

Doctors Calls Without Cause, Buffalo Lake News, 10-25-1918

Imperative That Physicians and Nurses Not Be Summoned Unless Necessary – Proper Care of Patients – Surgeon General Blue Tells What to Do for Persons Sick with Spanish Influenza – Use of Gauze Masks Recommended Washington – In… Read More