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Letter from Reuben Arthur Pfettscher, Olivia Times, 12-12-1918

Somewhere in France, October 20, 1918 Dear Cousin and Folks: I must drop you a few lines to let you know I am up and around once again, which is sure a great treat after being laid up… Read More

Letter from Albert L Fischer, Bird Island Union, 12-19-1918

Oct. 28 1918 The Bird Island Union, Bird Island, Minn., U.S.A. Dear Sirs: Regarding those hair raising experiences you might imagine I’m having so near the Hindenburg Line – to date there hasn’t been any to speak of,… Read More

Letter from Floyd Fuller, Morton Enterprise, 12-13-1918

Floyd Fuller Writes from France Somewhere in France, Nov. 10, 1918 Dear parents, I received your letter of October the tenth, which was the first I have received since I left the states. I sure was glad to… Read More

Letter from Reinhold Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake News, 12-13-1918

October 5th, 1918 Buffalo Lake News, Buffalo Lake, Minn. Dear Friends: I have been in France for some time. Most of the boys on our transport had a touch of seasickness, but I happened to be one of… Read More

They Made The Supreme Sacrifice, Renville Star Farmer, 12-12-1918

Three Renville Boys Reported Killed in Action the Past Two Weeks – Six from Here Killed in The War Renville and vicinity has been harder hit thru the causalities of the war than any other town in Renville… Read More

Letter from Frank Williams, Renville Star Farmer, 12-12-1918

Oct. 26th, 1918 My Dear Folks; I sure have thought of home a lot the last few weeks. Wonder how you all are at home. I am real well and never felt better in my life and today… Read More

Calmer Carlson Dies in France, Franklin Tribune, 12-12-1918

Of Pneumonia and Influenza Oct. 9 Memorial Services Held Sunday Evening Memorial services in memory of Calmer Carlson were held Sunday evening in the Ft. Ridgely and Dale church and owing to the beautiful weather the church was… Read More

Letter from Ernest F Meyer, Bird Island Union, 12-12-1918

Oct. 27th, 1918, Somewhere in France Dear Sister and all: Will drop a few lines to-day to let you know that I am fine and here is hoping you folks are the very same. Well I suppose you… Read More

George Paul Arlt, Bird Island Union, 12-12-1918

A Soldier’s Sacrifice George Paul Arlt Dies In France A telegram from the Adjutant General received Dec. 10, conveyed to Mr. and Mrs. Christ Arlt of Hector gave the sad news that their son, Geo Paul had been… Read More

John Kronlokken Killed in Action, Renville County Journal, 12-5-1918

John Kronlokken, another Renville County young man, with the Expeditionary Forces in France has paid the Supreme Sacrifice. We are not informed as to just when he enlisted with what company he belonged or when he went over-seas,… Read More