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Then They Drubbed Bird Island

Published in the Morton Enterprise December 10, 1915.

Finding time hanging heavy on their hands, the local high school boys went over to Bird Island Saturday evening and trimmed the high school team of that place 53-16.

Morton jumped into the lead and in less than five minutes the score was 15 to 0. Bird Island waking up at this point, held them down and started a score of their own. The first period ended 38-7.

In the next half Bird island played strictly on the defensive while Morton tried to get as much team-work as possible, and as the result there was little scoring. The game was clean and exciting throughout, and the referees’ decisions were unquestioned.

Morton                                     Bird Island
Baker                          RF                   Hurley
Gaasch                       LF                    Gallery
Orth                             C                     Bomstra
Donlon              RG                  Smith
Fuller                         LG                   Olsen
Field Goals: Baker 14, Gaasch 9, Orth 3, Fuller 1, Hurley 2, Olsen 1, Bomstra 3. Free Throws: Bomstra 2, Baker 1 Referees: Varnadore and Folsom.

Win from Belview Town Team – 58-18

Published in the Morton Enterprise on November 19, 1915.

When all the High School teams of neighboring towns refused to play us, a game was scheduled with the town team of Belview. Fierce tales came to our camp of the prowess of this team, and it was feared that our fellows would develop a severe case of “cold feet,” but they didn’t.

They arrived, and when we caught sight of their center, we mistook him for a mob. They had little fellows also. The game started with a rush and in a few minutes Belview scored. Nothing daunted, the boys flashed signals. Chief outleaped his man, and Baker scored. With signals working like clock0work, they soon piled up scores and the half ended with the score 32 to 13 in our favor.

In the second half, Boss Martin donned togs and stopped out as our latest addition to the forward tribe, Gaasch taking center, and Orth retiring. Donlon and “Hawk” Fuller then became restless and started things humming and our city opponents were snowed under with an avalanche of baskets; Gaasch and Baker refused to be stopped. Martin also put the basket outside of the sphere once.

The by-laws:
Belview                                               Morton H.S.
Fish                             R.F.                 Baker
Gimmestead             L.F.                  Gaasch
A Nelson                     C.                    Orth
Mogen              R.G.                Fuller
O Nelson                     L.G.                 Donlon
Field Throws: Fish 2, Mogen 1, Gimmestae 1, A. Nelson 2, Orth 3, Gaasch 13, Baker 12, Martin 1; Free Throws: A. Nelson 6. Referee-Varnadore Scorer-Ike Rosenstein


Published in the November 11, 1915 Morton Enterprise.

Morton Basket Ball Tossers Defeat the Fast Teams from Morgan and Gibbon

Last week was a bright one for the local basketball tossers when they blighted the championship aspirations of both Gibbon and Morgan.

They played Gibbon at Morton Friday evening and the result was 15 to 9 in favor of Morton. The boys started out slow and their playing was very poor the first half and at the 2nd of the first half the score was 30 to 0.

The next half found the players going better and soon all the regulars were replaced by the scrubs, and at the end of the game not a first-team man was on the floor.

The Gibbon boys were a gentlemanly bunch and there was no fighting over the decisions of the referee.

The summary:
Gibbon                                Morton
Field Goals: Gaasch 5, Keefe 8, Orth 5, Donlon 2, Bakke, Johnson, Friedl. Free Throws: Gaasch 5, Monson 3. Substitutes—Ederer for Gaasch, Carruth for Donlon, Walters for Fuller, Simon for Orth, Jos. Bush for Loftness. Referees: Varnadore and Lawrence.
At Morgan
“We knew when we went to Morgan that we would win, but didn’t think we would do it so easily.” This leaf was found in a note in a notebook entitled, “The Prophecies of our Pilgrim Polly.” The above quotation sums up the general feeling that prevailing in the camp of “Honk’s Hopefuls.” Upon arriving at Morgan that feeling took a decided slump upon hearing some of the blood-thirsty tales of the way Morgan defeated Fairfax by the alarming score of 23-13.

The game began and outside of Baker and Gaasch making 34 points out of 39 and Fuller making a basket and knocking out a man, the making of numerous fuss and quarrels, nothing happened out of the ordinary.

Morton feels justly elated over defeating Morgan because the will of the previous year’s teams always bequeath to the following year’s team the pleasure of whipping our ancient rivals.

The mathematics of the ceremony:

Morton                                     Morgan
Baker                          L.F.                  Kempton
Gaasch                       R.F.                 Dahms
Orth                             C.                    Hartwick
Donlon                         R.G.                Junata
Fuller                           L.G.                 Battershell
Field Goals: Baker 10, Gaasch 7, Donlon, Fuller 4, Hartwick 3, Kempton 2, Dahms. Free Throws: Dahms, Kempton 2, Gaasch. Substitutes: Jensen for Hartwick. Referees: Varnadore and Fadness

The youthful Yannigans, unwilling to be outdone by a mere elder, decided that they also could use a victory. So, collecting the necessary paraphernalia, they turned their backs to the Aurora Borealis, and head Morganward. Later found them and the Morgan Seconds in a death grapple for supremacy. The outcome looked decidedly glum for our captain and his ever-faithful followers. The opening stanza ended with us holding the unfavorable end of a 9 to 2 score.

During the next half, aroused by glances of pity from friends, and looks of anger from the older team, the infants stopped into the fray and with a “do or die” spirit, and won an eleventh-hour victory by 14 to 13 score.

The results were as follows:
Goals: Ederer 2, Keefe, 6, Hillig 2, Jensen 3, Schweiler 1. Free throws: Jensen 1. Substituies: Dahms for Schwiler, Henton for Siomn.

Taken all together with a triple victory, and two from Morton on their floor, makes the ho9me boys feel rather chesty. They go to Arlington this week, and it is expected that they will give a good account of themselves. ~~ B.B. Reporter


Published in the Morton Enterprise on October 29, 1915

Local Basket Shooters too Fast for the Eastern Neighbor; Return Game Expected Soon

The biggest word in the Arlington teams camp this week is ‘if’ and most prominent among the ”ifs” is “If Morton hadn’t had such a fast team we would have won.” Our team feels the same way only with the opposite and more pleasant expression of the word.

The way our boys treated Arlington Saturday night was a shameful and disgraceful way to treat any of the visiting teams in our village. They just would not let Arlington play with the ball at all. Important among the offenders was our promising forward. Think of it! At this day and age a person deliberately making 12 baskets in a friendly contest. His punishment should be a great but “M” sewed upon the breast of his sweater. Next comes Donlon, who, after Baker let go of the ball, swooped upon it like a vulture and refused even to let our neighbors touch it. Harry also contributed three Xs to the scorecard.

Gaasch, our speedy captain played his usual heady and trashy game, counting six baskets off the brother of the immortal Johnny McGovern. Chief, playing his first gam3e, plainly demonstrated that he was there. He scored thrice and held his man. Our other rookie, Fuller, deserves special credit. Al stuck to his forward like glue and held him scoreless. Taken all together the team worked like a machine and the team which beats them deserves to win. It sure looks to us like a winning combination.

Arlington, playing a desperate game, displayed flashes of form and in truth have a very good team. Jo Donlin plays a star game for his team and counted the only basket. A return game is looked for in the near future and we all hope a repetition will be the result.

The vital statistics:
Arlington                                 Morton
J. Donlon…………….rf………..Baker
McGovern (Capt)….rg……….H. Donlon
Spanous…………..lf………….Gaasch Capt.
Field Goals—J. Donlon, Baker 12, H. Donlon 3, Orth 3, Gaasch 6. Free Throws—Baker 2; Final Score—50-2; Referee—T.A. Varnadore

Next Saturday will be the game with Gibbon, at Gibbon. ~~ B.B. Report

Cocoa Cappuccino Mousse Recipe

Editor’s Note: In honor of #ChocolateMousseday I wanted to share my favorite recipe for making a quick mousse (no separating eggs involved). The recipe was found in a Taste of Home magazine years ago. Reminder when cataloging your recipes always include where you got the recipe and when. Future generations will thank you. For the family cooks out there that don’t write their recipes down, please consider doing this for your family. I wish my grandmother had written down a few of her recipes as I try and try to replicate them and they still don’t taste like she made it.

1 can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/3 cup Cocoa Powder
3 Tbsp. Butter or Margarine
2 Tsp. Powdered Instant Coffee or Espresso dissolved in 2 tsp. hot water
2 Cups (1 pint) Cold Heavy Whipping Cream

In a medium saucepan, combine sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and coffee mixture. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until the butter melts and the mixture is smooth. Remove from heat, cool.
In a large mixing bowl, beat the heavy whipping cream until it is stiff. Gradually fold chocolate mixture into the whipped cream. Spoon into dessert dishes. Refrigerate until set, about 2 hours. Garnish as desired. Makes 8 servings.

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