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Published in the Morton Enterprise on November 26, 1915.

Belview and this Time on Opponents Home Floor—Score 46 to 23

Friday night brought out another victory for the local high school team, a second winning over the town team of Belview.

Like the previous game, Belview started coring with free throws and soon the score was 2 to 0, with our team trailing. Chief, vowing “none of those upstart Belview boys would beat our team,” got the bunch together and soon we had a comfortable lead. Baker, Gaasch, and Donlon also scored a basket or tow this half. The score at the end of the first half standing, Morton 21, Belview 9.

The second half Fish went against Donlon, a substitute taking Gimmestad’s place at left forward. Belview, with a, do or die spirit, started with a rush, but after ten or twelve minutes were pretty tame. Fish was the star for the losing team. His work at all times being flashy and swift.

Chief Orth was the star for the locals, and though outjumped by his man, played a great running game, making 9 baskets. Baker and Gaasch played consistently throughout and they followed well, each garnered several baskets.

Morton                                                Belview
Gaasch                      l.f.                    Fish
Baker                        r.f.                    Gimmestad
Orth                            c.                     C. Nelson
Donlon                       r.g.                   D. Nelson
Fuller                          l.g.                   Mogen
Field Goals: Orth 9, Baker 6, Gaasch 5, Donlon 2, Fish 6, Nelson 2, Mogen 1. Free Throws: Fish, Baker 2, Nelson 4. Referee—McGowan

The Morton team was royally entertained after the game by a dance and an oyster supper. Several rooters also accompanied the team.

The High School girls scheduled a basketball game with Renville and went to that place Saturday, Nov. 20, to contest for honors wit them. The trip was made by auto and added to the discomfort of the cold drive, the girls were delayed on account of car trouble. Due to this delay, they did not arrive there in time for any practice and in their chilled condition had to contend on an outdoor court.

The Renville girls were found to be very sociable and proved to be good opponents. With the exception of their center, they were about an equal match in size with Morton. Being accustomed to outdoor play8ing, the Renville girls had the advantage of the homegirls. Thruout the entire game there was no evidence of dispute or unfair play.

During the first half Renville made 9 points, Morton 2. The honor for this heroic deed goes to Agnes Donlon. In the last half Renville lined up the rest of their 28 points; Morton failed to score, but the disagreeable weather must be considered. Morton made numerous fouls, but these errors enabled them to discover their weak points and they hope to overcome them in their future games.

The line-up:
Morton                                                Renville
Prior                            C                     Peterson
Mahowald                 B C                 Dale
Little, Rush               L F                  Brown
Donlon                       R F                  Brown
Munsell                      L G                  George
Everet                         R G                 Huff
Referees—Misses Gruebler and Frederick


Published in the Morton Enterprise on March 31, 1916.

Neighboring Towns Asking for Dates and Expecting Us to Again Have a Strong Winning Team

While all the neighboring towns are writing to Morton trying to schedule games, we are unable to give them a satisfactory answer. It was hard to organize a team last year on account of not having a team for so many seasons previous, but after finishing second in the Renville County League there is no doubt that we can make all the teams travel a little. Morton has a good location for a baseball diamond and lacks nothing but a grandstand to make it an up-to-date ball ground.

A meeting will be held in the near future and everyone interested should come and help organize a team. All we need is the “pep” and support. We can surely have the support, judging from the enthusiasm shown during the basketball season. As we have the material we should have one of the best teams around here this year.

Don’t forget to boost this because it is going to help the town. Take a look at our Baseball Team. Didn’t that boost Old Morton!!!
High School Baseball Team Organized
A meeting was held Wednesday and about twenty members turned out to help organize a baseball team.
A.H. Martin was chosen coach, Frank Gaasch captain and Harry Donlon, manager. Practice has begun at school and the boys will be in trim to play in a few weeks. ~~ B.B. Reporter

Last Week’s Games VS Madison and Gibbon

Published in the Morton Enterprise on March 3, 1916.

The past week has been a “beaner” for basketball, and altho there has not been a game played on the home floor, every Mortonite has witnesses each game once or more. The reason for the nervous actions noticeable on our townspeople of late was the needless anxiety felt for the team in their return game with Madison.

The local coach arranged for a game with Madison for Saturday night in order to spare them the fatigue of the journey and to instill a little confidence into the fellows, he had them defeat Dawson Friday, merely to keep up the powerful thirst for victory.

Noting the friendly spirit of the Dawson people, the homeboys beat the Dawson boys three to one to spare their feelings.

The summary:

Morton                         Dawson

Baker              RF                   Bacon

Gaasch           LF                    Hanson

Orth                 C                     West

Donlon RG                  Sorenson

Fuller               LG                   Taylor

Goals – Baker 10, Gaasch 3, Orth 2, Donlon 1, Bacon 1, West 2, Sorenson 2. Free throws – Baker 1, Taylor 1. Referee – Gillot. Final Score: 33 – 11

The game at Madison proved to be the hair-raiser of the series, as both teams fought fierce and fast from the going. Victory was momentarily uncertain, but the strain soon told on the weaker aggregation, when our boys forged ahead.

Madison played in hard luck during the first half; using a sub-center who was in poor condition, they were at a disadvantage, while it helped us materially. But it may be added that Morton played superb basketball, many throws bordering on the sensational. Baker was the individual point-getter, while our midget guard kept the much-feared Garberg trying desperate shots thru out the game.

Altho star playing was noticeable the general playing of the team as a machine won the game.

Morton              Madison
Baker              RF       Garberg
Gaasch           LF        Mooney
Orth                 C         Lindseth
Donlon RG      Oppegaard
Fuller               LG       Bjeldenas
Field throw – Baker 11, Orth 3, Gaasch 9, Fuller 1, Mooney 2, Garberg 1, Lindseth 2, Oppegaard 2. Free – Oppegaard 4, Baker 2. Referee – Jacobson. Final Score: 50-18. The boys acknowledge splendid treatment given them at Dawson and Madison.


Published in the Morton Enterprise on March 10, 1916.

They Now Have Claim To Al But The Northern Part of Dist. 7 – Willmar or Alexandria Game Decides

In a game characterized by much unnecessary roughness and countless fouls, the local basketball team emerged victorious, winning from the strong Marshall quint by a score of 42 to 21.

Marshall had won nine straight games and when they saw they were to be humiliated on their own floor, they resorted to tactics that didn’t help them to score and the result is that they were defeated. This was the first game wherein a Morton layer was disabled, Orth being rendered temporarily useless by a well-directed foot of one of the Marshall players. Donlon also has a souvenir on exhibit this week.

Morton started the scoring when Baker made a basket from underneath the basket, but Marshall scored, tied and topped them, 6 to 4. They, however, were not to keep the lead for Morton soon got right and closed the first half with the score of 20 to 7 in their favor.

The second half was the feature part of the game, with long floating shots by Donlon and Orth, and magnificent teamwork by Marshal. This was partly offset by many fouls.

That game eliminates all contestants on the south side of the district and the next game will likely declare success or failure. It will probably be played with Willmar or Alexandria. These two teams play their eliminations game on March 10th on the St. Cloud floor.

Morton                                      Marshall
Gaasch             LF                    Madden
Baker               RF                    McLaughlin
Orth                  C                      Jacobsen
Donlon            LG                    Soucy
Fuller              RG                   Strand
Goals: Gaasch 2, Baker 7, Orth 4, Madden 3, Strand 2, Jacobsen 2, McLaughlin 1. Free throws: Baker 8, McLaughlin 5. Referee: Campbell. ~~W.F.K.
The B.B. boys, with their coach, Mr. Martin, were guests at a dinner given by the Senior girls Friday at 6:30. The dinner was enjoyed and very much appreciated by all.


Published in the Morton Enterprise on February 25, 1916.

First Victory Here Friday Night With 65 to 15 Score. Tuesday Evening at Olivia Armory Morton Wins With Fine Score of 23 – 18

After a successful victory over Madison about a week ago, a jammed house came back to pay us tribute and to help us down our old rival, Olivia.

To the eyes of many of the local fans it looks as tho Olivia was going to win with their “beef.” The game started with a rush and Morton was fouled. Tatting made the point and the score remained this way until Donlon connected for the first field basket. After this Gaasch, Baker and Orth rolled up the points to a total of 65, while Fuller and Donlon held them down to 15 points.

Gaasch played the best game of his career, getting 18 field baskets and 1 free throw. Baker, his running mate, made 18 points and covered his man at all times. Chief (Orth) played a great game at defense and made twice as many points as his opponent. Fuller as guard, played a very heady game and brought the ball on a dribble the length of the hall a number of times. Donlon played his usual game as guard, holding his man scoreless and making 2 baskets for us.

Alling all it was a surprise to the home fans on account of the size of the visitors. Our H.S. team was outweighed by the Olivia team but victory was due to speed. The visitors were well pleased with the treatment they received and went home planning a victory Feb. 22nd for they ay the “revenge is sweet.”

Final score – 15 to 65. Lineup giving with the following game.


The general rumor was that a defeat would be handed to our team when they went to Olivia on Tuesday after trimming the fast Olivia quint here Friday night.

They arrived at Olivia about 4 o’clock and the first thing to do was to look at the floor which was about sixty-five to fifty feet and was the largest floor our boys ever played on.

After a grand feast at the Central Hotel, the boys went to the Armory and started to prepare for battle.

The game started out very fast and Baker connected for the first basket. Then Morton fouled and Olivia missed several good chances to get in the lead. Gaasch found the wicket for his first field basket and the score stood four and one; then Olivia scored after a few good passes. This ended Olivia’s scouring the first half; and Baker, Gaasch and Donlon found the ring for ten points together. At the end of the first half, the score stood 10 to 3 in Morton’s favor.

The second half saw Morton facing a few changes in the Olivia team. The Olivia guards did nothing else but watch our shifty forwards, but at that they connected for fourteen points from the field. Olivia played a game which meant to lay us out and tried hard to do away with our little guard and forwards.

Orth and Donlon played hard on defense, while Fuller was up against the fastest man on the team and should receive much credit for his good guarding. Morton was always in the lead by five-point at least, in spite of the “fake” score of 20-21 as Olivia is a sideliner had it.

After the game, everybody went home and the team invite themselves to a lunch at the Exchange Restaurant where they met their first Olivia friend that day.

As to the sportsmanship of the Olivia rooters, we stand pat, but that is already told if we look back. It was a rough game and marred by many interferences. Much credit must be given to the referees for their decisions during the game. It was certainly a hard game and although the Olivia boys held us to the lowest score, we considered them about the fifth-best team we played this year. This was the first time Olivia was defeated on the new armory floor and the second defeat in two years, Morton claiming the other victory also.

About 16 fans journeyed with “King” Castle to Olivia and they surely distinguished themselves as rooters. Don Castle made a great hit with the Olivia fans and they even “borrowed” him to lead them in their yells. (Lineup below)

Morton                                     Olivia
Gaasch                       LF                    Tatting
Baker                          RF                   Schendel
Orth                             C                     Dirks
Fuller                         LG                   Warner
Donlon              RG                  Barnard
Referees: Martin and Seder. Final score: 18-23.

Olivia Basketball Team 1915-1916
Excerpt from the Olivia High School 1916 yearbook! Their commentary on the two games discussed above!