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LARGE DRAFT ENTRAINS TODAY: Half of Number to go to Camp Cody and Balance to Camp Forest, GA – Late Registrants Included. Olivia Times 10-24-1918

No Public Reception Will be Held on Account of the Influenza Epidemic.

Bird Island: Lloyd L. Battershell, Warren J. Gallery, Carl Heinzelman, Vincent Hurley, Engvald Johnson, Frank R. Karp, Edward A. Kenning, John Neumann, Gust Olinger, Leonard Selle, Clarence Wething

Buffalo Lake: John Arndt, Harlow Reinke, Richard C. Schuetz, Martin G. Wehking

Danube: Elmer Bruss, William A. Jakel, Jr., Otto Rauschke

Fairfax: Louis M. Bauermeister, Ben Graml, Albert Carl. Hanson, Harry Paschke, John Prax, Ervin E. Rieke, Paul Schemechel, John Seesz, Anton. Seesz, Jr., William F. Seesz, Lawerence Thurston

Franklin:  Arthur Bogema, Rueben Danielson, Hans Hagevold, Otto W. Larson, Phillip O. Lund, Frank Xavier Marks, Glibert O. Olson, John I. Thompson, Edward C. Wellnitz

Hector: Arvid Anderson, Hjalmer David. Anderson, John E. Anderson, Robert A. Beske, William Broderius, Frank W. Brown, Harry Christenson, Harry W. DeLong, Andrew C. Fredrickson, Ernest Grundeman, Albert William Gums, William A. Hable, Ben Horky, Albert S. Johnson, Albert Tom Johnson, Louis Laffen, Walner B. Lindquist, John T. Maxwell, Ritchie A. McCall, James Musil, Frank A W. Peterson, Mathias Leo. Prellwitz, Paul Scholla, Gordon Toole, Vernon Wukken

Morton: Vern Laurel Aldrich, Willie Bartz, Earl Henry Daun, John V. Lynch, Fred R. Orth

North Redwood: Joseph Malecek

Olivia: Walter Braun, Henry. Dunsmore, Jr., Frank W. Ellis, William Hemza, Homer F. Kern, Louis W. Klemenhagen, Jake Kubesh, William Kubesh, Gustav Ohland, Fred Henry Schanil, George W. Schanil, Hans Seigler, Victor Elvin Snicker, Joe M. Swoboda, August Timm, Fred Wertz

Renville: John W. Bakker, Henry G. Buttenhoff, Samuel L. Cawelti, John G. Grabow, Joseph H. Grund, Ed. Habben, Guy C. Herring, Henning Oscar Olson, Clarence Quinn, Arthur Radtke, Willie August. Schneider, Harry R. Steinhilber, John H. Wigdahl

Sacred Heart: Victor L. Barber, Alfred S. Enestvedt, Gustav Hjalmer Engstrom, John Hoff, John Huseby, Melvin Midby, Peder Myra, Henry J. Olson, Alvin Rosaasch, Benjamin Skalbeck, Harry B. Tompte, John O. Tufto

Out of the Area:

Bert A. Flagstad, Ephriam, Wis; David C. Nordlund, Granite Falls; Carl Hintz, Hutchinson; Reuben Albert. Deglow, Canada; Everett Albert. Leifer, Canada; Robert Haagenson, Centuria, WI; Stewart: Lenzo Brantley, Ralph B. Coffin, Armin W. Lange, William J. Pulkrabek, Reinhardt William. Pundt, John Fred. Rannow, John. Van Hale, Jr., George A. Young

Draftees left for Camp Grant, Ill. leave on September 6, 1918: Listed in all the Renville County Newspapers

Bird Island: Thomas Culley, Nicholas Jacoby, Joseph Kreuzkemper, Louis J. LaFontaine, Peter M. LaFontaine, Arthur T. Ledin, Walter Leonard Melquist, William Otto Nenow, Leo J. Puls, Melvin Arthur Tollifson, Willie Winters

Buffalo Lake: Leslie Antonsen; Ervan Carlson; Charles Arnold Jogline; Edward V. Lambert; Herman Schenk; Fred R. Wiehr; Peter A. Winkler

Danube: Joseph Erickson; Louis Edward Schanil; Henry D. Scheffler; William Tolzman

Fairfax: Leo J. Caven, Alvin C. Grosklags, Leo Fahey, Frank Frasal, Edward Kjeldegaard, Mark N. Korsmo, John Lehar, Peter L. Ness, Leonard Peterson. Joseph Porth. William E. Schipplick. Albert C. Schumacher, Otto Semerud, George Voltin

Franklin: Matt Ceryes, Clarence Cottriell, Joseph Ford, William T. Grimes, Sigurd Matson. Elmer Julius Steen

Hawk Creek Township: Arthur Paulson

Hector: Walden Frank Anderson, John Adolph Anderson, Andrew A. Anderson, Edward Fischer, Edward Johnson, Godfred W. Johnson, Alfred Knutson, Clarence Mathew McBride, Ervan Mortiz, Ernest Hilding Nelson, Emil Herman Nicolai, Louis Ernest Precht, Sven Gustav Samuelson, Otto F. A. Schultze, Harry Strom, William George Wells, Charley Werderman, Paul Yaeger

Melville Township: Herbert Wolf

Morton: Henry Dick Scheffler, Joe George Rovney, Irvin Greenslit

North Redwood: John J. Malecek, Harry E. Sommer

Norfolk Township: Paul Schmall

Olivia: Robert Louis Cornell; Frank Charley Spevcek

Renville: George Aalderks, Rieke J. Aalderks, Eppe Beckmann, Joseph Dvorak, Hans Fredrick Klatt, August C. Mack, Howard McBroom, Geert Negen, Herman Peterson, Walter A. Schafer, Albert A. Standfuss, John Herman Zaskie, Herbert M. P. Zimmer

Sacred Heart: Julius Agre, Peter C. Anderson, Alfred Selmer Berg, Martin Fagerland, Thor Hanson, Albert Krogstad, Victor E. Olson, Henry Schweertman, Marvin Sveiven, William Watland, Bernard Worken, Elvin Docken

Winfield Township: Axel W. Turnquist

Out of the Area

Jens Christ Jensen, Clear Lake, Ia; Martin F. Fagerland, Goodrich; Granite Falls: Anton Dembroten, Edwin Michmershuzen, William Olson; Victor Emil Morison, Litchfield; Gunder Olson Eide, Maynard; George F. Heen, Maynard; Carl Edward Axell, Milaca; Edward Carlson, Pocahontas, IA; Sofus Envoldsen, Racine, WI; Harry George Seehusen, Raymond; Stewart: William John Frank, Otto A. Kurth, Jacob Simons, Paul Willie Wegner, Ernest Ziemer, Otto William Zimmerman, Robert John Pundt

“Sandstorm Division” Hector Mirror 10-31-1918

Word was received in Hector the past week that the “Sandstorm Division,” long stationed at Camp Cody, had at last arrived over seas and we’ll be they were a happy bunch. To this Division belongs seven Hector boys who enlisted a year and a half ago, and were known as the “Cradle Roll” as they were all High school boys who were eager for the fray. They have waited long and patiently for the word to “go across” and now their wish has been gratified and their months of training will bear good fruit. There names are John S. Nelson, Chauncey Jerpe, Rudolph Anderson, Dick Reidler, Ludwig Beske, Carl Wells and Carrol Hesson.

Watching Aeroplanes

The following letter from Clarence A. Buehler tells something of his experience in France:
Dear Mother and all:
Will write you a few lines and let you know that I am well and feeling fine. I have been moving around quite a bit and am doing quite a lot of night marching and sleeping out in the rain, but, it doesn’t bother me at all any more.
Last Sunday night we walked 14 miles in three hours with only two rests, and out of 30 men there were only six besides myself who went through without quitting.
We went through a town the other night that the Germans had shot all to pieces, and saw an aeroplane fight which made us all forget to get under cover.
Will have a lot of things to tell you about when I get back, but I can’t write about them now, but if things keep going like they have for the past two weeks I don’t believe they can hold out much longer.
Your So, Pri. C.A. Buehler

From Camp Hancock: Letter from M.J. Jacobs Bird Island Union 10-31-1918

The following letter from Corp. M.J. Jacobs, Group 2, 13 Co. M.T.D. Camp Hancock, Ga., was received too late for last week’s publication. We gladly publish the letter this week.

Bird Island Union:
Dear Friends:
Well I am nearly three and one half months in the Army, but it does not seem so long. I am a machine gunner now, and I have an idea that I can do pretty good business when I get one of these Bean Throwers a working on the Kaiser’s bunch. It won’t be long after that before I will be back to start the drainage work where I left off.
I have a good steady job here, but after this fuss is settled I will quit.
As much as I have seen of different parts of the country, Minnesota is the best, and am sure the Minnesota farmers furnish has many biscuits as any. I will never look for a better place to live either.
The Spanish Influenza is getting pretty well acquainted here and is a bad actor. It attacked me, but I got the best of it without going to a hospital. I will let no German get the best of me either, so don’t any of you farmers worry about your tiling. I am getting along find and expect to be made Sergeant very soon. But really a private has the best part. Remain, with best wishes to all. Corp. M.J. Jacobs